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- Questions & Answers -

What will my illustration cost?
- We charge an hourly fee (contact us for current hourly rate). The time it takes to produce an image relates to the style and level of detail you prefer and also if changes needs to be made.
- If you wish we can make an approximate time-estimation. (see bottom question).

Can you make a "quick sketch"?
- The thought-process and sketching is a very time-consuming part of the work. We can make sketches at our hourly fee.

Do you have a phone-number?
- We handle all communication by e-mail. Some of our illustrators work in different countries. Also it is usually favorable to have all orders and communications in written form.

How do you handle payments for international assignments?
- Secure international payment can be handled at ease with PayPal or bank-transfer. You will receive a PDF-format invoice in your mail for your convenience.

What file-formats can you deliver?
- Most digital formats: TIF, EPS, PDF, GIF, JPG etc...

I want to order or ask for a time-estimation, what do I do now?
- A proper and thorough description of the image you need simplifies and speeds up the work-time.

Now it is time to send us an e-mail which describes the following:

- Exactly what the image shall depict.
- If a background is needed and if so, what kind.
- Illustration-style / level of detail (refer to an illustration in our portfolio or attach an image with the e-mail).
- Color-preference (if any).
- What the image shall be used for and who is the target-audience.
- Measurements (Specify pixel-dimensions if image is to be used digitally).
- File-format.

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"Thank you for a work well done in a positive and constructive spirit. I will recommend others to hire"
- RTM-Konsult

"The image is wonderful!!! Big thanks for the help! We are very pleased and will surely be in touch about other things."
- Le Bureau

"I must say I am very pleased with the picture! It matches the contents of the book perfectly.
- Lyssaförlag

"What a FXXXing cool logo. Looks awesome. I love it!!! The logo looks awesome on the T-shirt. Great stuff!!"
- Guitar Art Transfers

"Very easy to work with and keeps a high quality in their work. Will for sure hire in the future when their skills are needed."
- D.O.M. AB

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