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Grim reaper

Painting portraying the lord of death - Grim reaper himself. This painting was quite fun to do as I freestyled through the painting-process doing whatever I fealt like at the time and keeping a close look at the time as well. If you would like to order this painting of Grim reaper you are welcome to conact me for more information on how to place your order and what sizes are available for purchase. If you want Grim reaper himself decorating one of your walls this is the image you should go for. Death is many times granted the nickname of "Grim Reaper" and is also displayed as a bony character holding a big sized scythe, and wearing a dark hooded gown or cloak, or in some cases a light burial shroud of sorts. Normally when shown in the dark-cloaked gown, his features are hidden, but is only a shadow under the cloak. Some beliefs say that the thing of Death is just one psychopomp, giving only to cut the final tie away from the spirit to the physical form and direct the dead to the other space and having no decision above their passing away. In a few situations, the The Grim Reaper is able to make the victim's death, leaning towards stories that he can be bamboozled, fooled, or outsmarted in order to keep ones own life. Grim Reaper or Death angel is a personification of death, often portrayed as a skeleton with a black hood, hood and a scythe. Grim Reaper pictures was born out of the macabre death motif that swept across Europe after the Black Death in the late Middle Ages. Lien and also the hourglass was an early attributes to him. With the former "harvests" his victims (which, admittedly, would fit in the mass death during an epidemic), with the other measures he is every person's lifetime (cf. Norns). Sometimes he also produced with a parchment on which is written the names of those he shall reap. He was the first time his name through the Jewish faith, Azrael.